Project Planning and Prototyping:
Technical and R&D Departement

Production of packaging itself is often just a stage of the whole job, and sometimes it is not even the most important one.
– Original designs and layouts: this is where we differ from competitors, whom are often able to reproduce, but not to project and realize a display or special packaging from scratch.
– We study technical solutions in order to solve or anticipate packaging problems, to reduce costs, overall dimensions, weight, carbon emissions, time lead and so on.
– Prototypes and small batch orders, with digital print and cutters.

Erecting of Fruit & Vegetables and Meat trays
– We assemble your plateaus for fruits, vegetables and other food products, in our own erecting plants or even in your factories.

Kitting and Assembling
– Long experience of kitting and assembling mixed products, packed according to specific demands by the final client.
– Filling of containers and displays with your own products and other packing services which you intend to source out





Mailing services directly to your clients or your logistic centres.


Warehousing for your packaging and your own products, for special requests.
30 thousand square meters reserved for stock space.


Direct shipping with our own trucks.